everyone has
something to offer.

ALGO-BEES is a collaborative response to the ehsto premise 'everyone has something to offer.' It aligns the creative energy of a bee keeper and a local artist on Bundjalung Country, NSW Australia.

ALGO-BEES is leveraging Algorand – a carbon neutral blockchain protocol, to launch a series of collectable NFT's in attempt to fund creative projects and help preserve healthy populations of our precious pollinators.

HIVE 01:


with artists
on Algorand.

Frequency.Codes by David Hollingworth
Pressure Mediation by J.Galletly

aww, why you so sick Lil-B?

we rely on bees to pollinate approximately 35% of the world's crops––but unfortunately bees are in danger. Disease, pests and pesticides are a severe threat to the health of our precious pollinators.

Responsible Bee-Keepers are helping to protect global bee populations and do so by employing a regimen of hive management and inspections tailored to specific risk factors in their local areas.

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ALGO-BEES is harnessing the creative energy of artists and NFT's to explore real world applications of the Algorand Blockchain Protocol and raise much needed awareness about the challenges faced by our tiny pollinator friends.